IG NotificationsAny Instagrammer who’s checked their news feed as of late has likely seen the outcry pouring over the photo-sharing app’s announced update. Instagram, stating that the average user misses out on 70% of their feed, will begin to roll out a news feed algorithm mimicking that of Facebook’s – eventually eliminating the chronological method it previously used. This algorithm will filter user’s feeds based on  predicted relevancy, showing posts that are most likely to be appealing to the user and posts from users that have stronger relationships with each other.

So what does this mean for brands? Organically, Instagram posts will have to be much more compelling and relevant to show up on users’ feeds. Many Instagram celebrities are already attempting to override this update by requesting their followers to turn notifications on, alerting users every time that account uploads an image. The #turnmeon plea was trending yesterday.

With that option a little too abrasive for many brands, a pay-to-reach model will likely surface. Prepare your marketing pocketbooks, as what was free may very well now carry a hefty fee.

Brands can be assured that Instagram will follow the lead of Facebook and posts will slowly fall off of the feeds of their followers without paid promotions.

Instagram has also launched business profiles, signaling that the same strategy used for Facebook to get brands to build pages and get followers/fans/likes and then make them pay to play could lie ahead for Instagram as well.

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