Broad Street Co has always set aside a portion of their time to support non-profits. Whether it is through sponsoring events, volunteering, seeking grants for non-profit clients or waiving agency fees, we are a strong believer in being a strong part of the communities where we live. We feel it is important for our employees to provide service to the community and support organizations with our agency services when otherwise they may not have the budgets to work with an advertising agency.

Last year, we donated over $50,000 in agency services to area non-profits, served on the boards and volunteered hundreds of hours to help organizations reach their audience, raise awareness and fundraising. This company culture is at the root of what we do. We are an organization that believes in helping others and we’ve discovered that putting our skills to use for non-profit organizations gives our team the opportunity to begin a lifelong commitment to service and community involvement.

Non-profit organizations often struggle to generate awareness and raise money to support their mission and through a partnership with an advertising agency, they benefit from the same opportunities as retail companies in being “top of mind” and serving their community.

We are currently in the process of evaluating non-profit organizations in Texas and Alabama to support. If you would like to be considered for full or partial pro bono services from us, contact us with your needs and we will review your request.