Top 10 iMedia Apps for ProductivityThe 2014 Agency Summit kicked off with the Aspen Meeting of Agency executives and my favorite takeaway to share with everyone is the favorite apps everyone is using for either fun or productivity. Here’s a few of them from my list:

  1. Charlie. This app combs though social media and pulls together a profile of people you have meetings or connections with from their online presence. Genius! What a great way to be prepared for a meeting!
  2. Mobile Day. Dialing into conference calls is a chore, especially when you’re driving. This app takes your conference call credentials and syncs with your calendar for easy breezy conference calls.
  3. f.lux for iOS and Twighlight for Android are great apps that adjust the hue and color of your screen according to the time of day.  Believe it or not, the hue and brightness of your screen can keep you up at night and contributes to eye strain. These are great tools for those of on our devices a LOT.
  4. Afterlight. We always are looking for the best photo filter. This app makes us look as beautiful as we are in real life.
  5. Room 77. This app is great for travelers that want to see exactly what the rooms look like in hotels. This is a pet peeve of mine when booking travel. There’s always a picture of the nice big suites overlooking the beach, but what about the regular room near the elevator because that’s the one I usually wind up getting. Use this app to see a map of where a room is located and what it really looks like. Brills! I tell you, BRILLS!
  6. Dashlane. Speaking of brilliant, this app is my new lifesaver. I am terrible with passwords and maintaining them. This app is a great password keeper and will keep me from having post it notes next to my monitor with a list of all mine!
  7. Expense It. If you travel for business and are scatterbrained like me, you never have your receipts when it comes time for expense reimbursements. This app saves your bacon and your expense reporting nightmare. Snap a picture of a receipt and there, you’re done! Organized and Laurie in accounting doesn’t hate me anymore!
  8. Slick Deals. This app aggregates all the best deals around you on tech products and makes it easy to get the best price on what you’re going to buy anyway! Love a deal, as long as it’s easy.
  9. Yik Yak. This is just for fun. Use your location to see what people are talking about around your and join in. I have a feeling this is built for me to flex my online troll muscle, but that’s probably just me.
  10. Tempo. Here’s another calendar, dialing productivity app. Try a few to see which best suits your and is easy to use. I’m all for using the right app to increase my productivity and create shortcuts for meetings and conference calls.

So, there you have it. My Top 10 apps from iMedia so far! Add yours in the comments.