In a blog post, Facebook announced yet another change to their newsfeed algorithm. The recent changes from Facebook are focused not only on user experience, but also advertising revenue. The brand or publisher posts on the site have seen less engagement as the social media juggernaut forces those posts into a pay-to-play format.

Social Media Management company provides advice on branded posts

Facebook will penalize posts like the one above


Today’s announcement looks to penalize the most popular posts that drive users off the Facebook platform to the wider web. The official position is the new alogrithm is meant to reduce the spammy (and oft parodied) “You’ll never believe what happened next” posts categorized as “clickbait.” While this is a welcome relief for some of the true offenders of clickbait posts, it is an interesting step in how Facebook sees their newsfeed and is finding new ways to ensure what their users see is quality and relevant content.

Facebook faces two challenges that, at times, are in conflict with each other. On one hand, they want users to remain on the site in the Facebook environment and on the other hand, they want brands to pay for their spot in the newsfeed to drive users out of that environment. As the company matures and is beholden to a profitable business model, we’ll see how that shakes out.

It’s a good reminder to update your brand’s facebook strategy and post guidelines. Are you an accidental offender?

Top 5 Facebook Tips:

1. Make your posts relevant for your audience
2. Use photos in your post (use the right size photo)
3. Start a conversation. Ask questions. Reply to user comments.
4. Post when your audience is online. Is your post time sensitive? If so, schedule it accordingly.
5. Take advantage of Trending Topics and use hashtags appropriately.