As digital budgets encroach the $600 billion milestone and digital accounts for more than 25% of global ad spend, we continue to evolve as an industry and fine tune how and what digital means and digital can deliver. When an industry matures, we also see new obstacles to successful campaigns.  The digital trends are reporting on “Banner Blindness” and “Viewability” and, of course, shady vendors with their shady inventoryviewability

Michael Estrin over at iMedia writes about three bad answers digital media buyers give to clients on why no one is seeing their ads. Estrin’s three answers to the viewability problem are bad creative, bad vendors and spending more on native advertising.

The reality is there are many reasons that no one is seeing your ad and sometimes it’s as easy as a lazy or inexperienced media planner. With that in mind, we thought we’d give a few reasons no one is seeing your ad from our point of view.

Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

Unfortunately, we see this a lot. People have the mistaken idea that digital media is cheap and they can give you a small budget and expect a national reach. National campaigns are expensive and RTB and ad exchanges don’t change the fact that you can’t do a lot with a little.

small_budgetThis type of magical thinking requires finesse on the part of the media buyer. While it is true that we can leverage our buying power and vendor relationships for affordable quality inventory, there is a limit to what we can deliver. A seasoned media planner will explain this to the client and negotiate a geo-target that is more reasonable than a national footprint and optimize a campaign once it’s live to deliver results based on reality and not pie in the sky expectations.

The good news is that few campaigns are truly national when it comes to digital. We can target by neighborhood or a radius of businesses or venues in some cases, so we have great opportunities to maximize budgets through good targeting.

Site Direct Thinking

advertiser-and-publisherBuying site direct with publishers can be a great strategy when you need to make an impact or you have a very brief campaign. We will buy page takeovers and section sponsorships for short durations to maximize visibility when we need, but it is not always the right answer. Just like a client may want to see their TV commercial on their favorite show, some clients want to see their ad on their favorite website or have the belief that their audience is only on specific sites. We know that audiences are best reached across the web and we can save money and deliver better results for the client when we buy audiences and behaviors rather than one or two premium sites.


Who you think your audience target is vs. Who your audience target really isperception

Clients usually have great data on who their ideal customer is and who their actual customer is and that helps identify the target audience for media. But, we sometimes find that when we place pixels to gather data prior to a campaign launch the actual users of the site and actual converters are a completely different target. It is important to gather this data so we are not working off of old assumptions and target our media to actual converters instead of who we think will convert.

Even with well placed media not everything goes right every time. The key to making sure your campaign is a success is having clear goals, working with a reputable digital media agency and ensuring they work with reputable vendors.