This holiday will be the most connected shopping season ever, with more devices in the hands of shoppers hunting deals. One third of all shopping searches happen between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m., proving that we are always connected, always on and always shopping. Google conduced their annual Holiday Shopper Intentions research with Ipsos and the results make our retail clients ready for some holiday digital madness.

Black Friday is a month long

Shoppers are starting their research early and retailers are stretching promotions and sales throughout November. This changed the focus from Black Monday and Cyber Monday to a month long sales event. More than half of consumers surveyed will start their research before Thanksgiving, with 26% starting before Halloween. BOO!


Search queries for holiday shopping peak before Cyber Monday. Be in front of your customer when they are searching for inspiration, not after they are searching for a deal.


Online Shopping is the new Window Shopping

Shoppers go online for inspiration. They use social media to see what their friends and favorite influences are wearing and sites like Pinterest and lifestyle sites have become the new window displays. YouTube’s popular “unboxing videos” and product reviews give shoppers a rich way to learn about products instead of going to a store to touch and feel them for themselves.

Smartphone, Smart Personal Shopper

Research shows that 75% of smartphone shoppers plan to use their phones in-store during the holidays. Instead of relying on sales associates, shoppers are relying on their device and search to provide information, product reviews and price comparisons in a way a live person could not do. Millenials are using their smartphone as the preferred shopping assistant over asking an associate for help.

Consumers are coming to a store more informed and more purposeful than ever before.

How Do Retailers Capitalize?


  • An extremely high percentage (92%) of shoppers will check prices online for the best bargain (parago, 2014).
  • 91% of shoppers say a low price is an important to very important factor in the decision to buy (Google).
  • Free shipping was deemed the second-most important factor for shoppers when purchasing online (, Spring Planning Guide, 2014).
  • A comScore/UPS study reports that 83% of online shoppers are willing to wait additional days for delivery if they can get free shipping.

It is not too late to launch your holiday campaign. If you need a strong media strategy to drive sales this shopping season, ask us to put a plan together for you! Or, if you have an android device, download our app and send us an RFP on your mobile device!  Google Play logo