Searching for ways to drive sales on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is fast approaching and while most retailers have long since laid out their holiday media schedule, many small and local retailers may be wondering how they can grab a piece of the $3 Billion in online spend on the most beautiful day for retailers. shop-local
Online shopping doesn’t just have to be for the big box stores and major retailers. Local businesses can take advantage of the growth in online shopping with a clear advantage…local consumers looking for local deals. Last year, 27.6 % of online sales came from mobile last holiday season. That’s up from 25% in 2014.  Online shopping is affecting in store traffic even during the holidays. According to data from analytics firm RetailNext, in store traffic was down 1.5% last year and average spending per consumer is down 1.4%.  Conversely, the average ticket on mobile sales is up to $102.
How can local businesses attract some of this spend over the holiday shopping period that is moving online? Well, here are a few ideas:

Paid Search Advertising

Online searches soar leading up to Cyber Monday. Take advantage of this with a paid search campaign using keywords that we know shoppers are using to find deals. You don’t  have to run a long lasting search campaign, but a burst of  spend in the week or two before and after Thanksgiving can get you  top of mind for shoppers. Last year searches with the term “cyber monday” rose to over  7 million per month in November and December.

  • Cyber Monday, Deals, Coupons, Black Friday, Sale/Sales, Delivery (Pro tip: Since you’re local, offer in-store pickup for online orders or offer delivery service to local customers for free!)
  • Offer special coupons to drive people to your  location or allow people to call and place an order over the phone if you don’t have an order online option
  • Use new search enhancements like images in your search ads and mobile click-to-call campaigns. Add map features for people to locate you easily.
  • Create a very easy landing page on your site with print at home coupon options

Local businesses that  want to drive customers to the store don’t have to be left out of the online shopping juggernaut this season. With a few of these suggestions, shopping local can mean online experience in a neighborhood way.
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Google Ads Enhanced with Maps and Images


By: Auston Roberts

With the digital terrain of advertising becoming increasingly complex and 49% of in-store purchases being influenced by digital interactions, we continue to keep finding innovative media opportunities for our clients. From buying direct or programmatic all the way to native and engaging social media placements, at Broad Street Cowe strive to help our clients find a firm stance in the digital space.

One strategy where we continue to see great results for our clients is Google AdWords and the Google Display Network, and with clients ranging from healthcare and retail locations all the way to music festivals and fast-food chains, this is a strategy we’ve found to be beneficial in a variety of ways. As a Google Partner Agency, we are privy to a great relationship with our Google team that helps us ensure we’re delivering the best plan and measurable results for our clients.

Traditionally, we’ve been able to implement Google AdWords – the “Search Giant” – and the Display Network as a means to provide convenience to our target audiences, and visibility to our clients and brands. Furthermore, these ads have always been your traditional text-based promotions, highlighting brands that can help you on your consumer journey. But as of yesterday’s Internet Retailer article by Zak Stambor – an expert as it relates to social commerce – Google will now be providing Maps and Photo Data to these ads!

Not only is this change beneficial in increasing the quality of all Search and Display tactics, it also provides even more convenience to each and every consumer. In a world of functionality, these ads will further benefit our target audience by allowing them to leverage info across Google Maps. Additionally, the addition of photo data is the perfect way for us to entertain our audience with relevant images, while also providing even more value to our client’s overall brand story. Google continues to evolve their product offerings and as we evaluate their place in the media mix, we believe every opportunity to drive engagement (through maps) and visual storytelling (through display) can help our DR clients be a step ahead of their competitors.

Whether you are a local business trying to drive new business or a global brand, what shows up when your audience searches for you?

For a free consultation and evaluation of your advertising needs, contact us!


Broad Street Co is a Google Partner Agency

Broad Street Co is a Google Partner Agency

Google Encrypts Search Keywords: The end of free data for publishers

Google has taken yet another step as the 800 pound gorilla in the search category. They have continued to encrypt search keywords of their users. First, users logged into a Google account had their search queries encrypted so that publishers could not see what search terms brought people to their site.

Google Analytics reports encrypted search queries as “not provided.” This percentage of traffic has steadily increased and is projected to hit 100% of traffic by 2020.

Recently, Google continued their mission to encrypt all search queries to expand this encryption beyond the Google users to all searches on Google. This signals the end of non-paid data on keywords and SEO for publishers. For those using Google Adwords, the data on keywords is still available in your paid accounts.

So, is Google doing this as a commitment to privacy and transparency after the NSA controversy or making a move towards pushing more revenue into their paid search product on Adwords. A little from column A and a little from colum B is the answer.


In the graph above, the increase of “not provided” keywords shows the dramatic difference in what publishers will see in their analytics dashboard.

What does this mean for publishers that rely on keyword data to identify their content strategy and messaging that is effective in bringing users to their site? It is a dramatic shakeup in how organic SEO becomes much harder for publishers and the ability to rely on search queries to provide insights into user behavior is shrinking.

With paid search campaigns, advertisers will be able to see which ads are resonating with the users and providing traffic to the site and conversions. Similar to Facebook’s recent strategy of choking organic newsfeed appearance by brands, Google is pushing marketers into a pay to play model.

If you rely on keywords to determine content strategy and user engagement, consider moving into a paid search campaign. This is where Broad Street, a Google Partner Agency, can help with a market’s need to identify keyword searches that bring users to the site and develop sound content strategies for that purpose.

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Broad Street Co. Facilitates In-Kind Grant from Google for Nonprofits for CACTX

CACTXAUSTIN, TX/CHARLESTON, SC — Broad Street Co. has partnered with Lynne Henderlong-Rhea at MomBo Creative for help with their client, Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas (CACTX) on its 2014 campaign One With Courage (, which promotes awareness of child abuse in the state of Texas and provides information on how to identify the signs of child abuse, how to take action, and where to find a children’s advocacy center (CAC).

CACTX has been awarded an in-kind grant for paid search advertising in the amount of $10,000 per month. Broad Street Co. will manage the campaign for 2014, with a total of $120,000 in funding and potential for additional funding beyond 2014.

“MomBo Creative is excited to partner with Broad Street Co. on this statewide campaign for CACTX,” says Lynne Henderlong-Rhea. “We look for partnerships with the smartest and brightest partners, offering cutting-edge, results-driven marketing to deliver the best performance for their clients’ online campaigns.” MomBo is developing creative strategic assets for this campaign.

Joy Rauls, Executive Director of CACTX says that the Google grant “allows Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas the ability to reach new audiences with the importance of recognizing the signs and symptoms of child abuse, by having more exposure on the internet through Paid Search Marketing. This opportunity would not be possible on a nonprofit budget.”

Said Broad Street Co’s President and CEO, Charlie Ray, “because of our long-standing relationship with Google, we were able to facilitate a partnership between CACTX and Google for Nonprofits. It was our pleasure to lend our expertise in getting funding for such a good cause.” Adds Ray, “since its inception, Broad Street Co. has worked extensively with advocacy and nonprofit clients for causes that promote positive change in our communities.”

Broad Street Co. was founded by Ray in 2007 and has worked with clients (large and small) on a variety of innovative ad campaigns (large and small), from standard online placement campaigns to highly complex video and mobile ad campaigns.

 Download our Press Release

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Digital dollars shifting to mobile search

home-2-large-portraitFor years we heard, “This is the year of mobile” and we waited and waited for what seemed like something that would never come. What we didn’t think at the time was that when we did see the year of mobile it would be search and not display. Agencies are shifting dollars to mobile, but mobile search is outpacing mobile display. This year, eMarketer expects 51.5% of all spending on mobile ads to go toward search, compared to 44.8% for display ads, including banners, video and other formats. Like in the digital advertising market as a whole, display formats are growing more quickly on mobile than search—but not fast enough to overtake search spending by 2017. (via eMarketer)

As Google introduced their enhanced search ads, something dramatic changed for us when thinking about search for our clients. The mobile smartphone penetration, use of mobile search and the proximity/office hours options Google introduced suddenly made mobile search so much more than click an ad and buy a widget. Suddenly, we could direct customers to a location nearby when they were actively searching for our client’s product or service when they were open. It was a game changer and one we’ve seen retailers scramble to take advantage of with search.

mobile search

We see search being more competitive, bids more complex and the value of a conversion even more important with the enhanced ads. When a client tells us they are first in organic search results we can tell them the incremental increase in clicks and conversions come from a paid search campaign to support their organic position. A recent study by Google shows those incremental increases in clicks when paired with paid search. It’s a compelling story to remind retailers that just relying on SEO is like leaving the house with only one shoe.

The bottom line for service industry clients, brick and mortar clients and eCommerce clients is the same answer when it comes to paid search. Mobile is no longer an afterthought or lumped in with “digital” or something you do because a strategist tells you it is important to spend money on search. Mobile search is an effective way to drive qualified leads and generate conversions. The how and the why is complicated enough that without a Google Certified Partner, you’re wasting money in a playground that’s no longer cheap.

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Broad Street joins Google Engage for Agencies

Broad Street has long worked with Google and provided paid search services for our clients. We hired our first Google Certified search associate in 2009 and recently Google asked us to join their Google Engage for Agencies to provide us with special offers for our clients, additional training on the latest releases from Adwords and YouTube and obtain access to case studies and resources we did not previously access.

Google’s advertising solutions are wide reaching and we are pleased to provide those opportunities to our clients when appropriate.  The only change you’ll see around our office is new introductory offers for new clients with search budgets and we’ll be excited to pass those on to new business to get started on the various ad programs through Google.

Our small business team will be glad to work with small to mid-size businesses to create a robust search, video or display campaign using Google with an introductory special offer to immediately boost their results.

If your business would like to get started, contact us and our search team will be glad to help.

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Google Adwords Adds Features

Paid search is an integral part of media and, for some, the latest enhancements to Google Adwords will enable them to provide a deeper dive into targeting and measurement of those campaigns. It’s also a great way for Google to try and get more of your media budget by claiming highly relevant targeting.

Adwords new features allow you target smartphone users near your physical location with different ads than someone at home on their PC searching for your business. Smart move for retailers, restaurants and places with physical locations. The best example is a user searching for a retail item. Let’s say a person is walking around a shopping district and decides to search for “men’s dress shoes.” Google can deliver an ad for a shoe store nearby, provide walking directions, click to call and even a special offer, whereas if a user stuck in the office may search for “men’s dress shoes” the same retailer could deliver an ad with a link to their e-commerce page of men’s dress shoes.

While not revolutionary, it can have its uses. For those businesses trying to do search on their own without the help of a Google Adwords Certified Partner or Individual it will add another level of complexity and opportunity to waste budget on multiple bidding options that may put a business owner chasing the wrong goal.

Google’s dominance in the world of search continues to improve relevancy of search results and this enhancement shows they are considering how we live use our smartphones and how we use search differently depending on our location, our device and the time of day. As search matures, these types of enhancements continue to refine results.

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