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SoLoMo: The Rise of Mobile and its impact on Local Marketers

Broad Street President, Charlie Ray, gave a speech to the American Advertising Federation–San Angelo, TX group on the rise of mobile and its impact on local marketers.

As local businesses increase budgets in paid search and mobile click-to-call campaigns, the organic results many local businesses rely on are becoming less reliable without dollars behind them. View his presentation here:

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Download Our App

We created a mobile app for our clients and prospective new clients to send us requests for media proposals. As a digital agency, we embrace mobile trends and understand that we cannot always dictate how people want to communicate with us. We decided to make it easy with a simple app to submit a request for a media plan.

Check it out (available in the Google Play store) and send us a request for your next campaign. broadstrapp

We’re the first digital agency that will tell our clients they don’t need an app, but we wanted to show just how easy it can be to create a useful tool that embraces mobile.


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Display campaigns + paid search = “lift”

We have evangelized about diversity in online campaigns for years now, but it’s nice to have data (and we have talked before about the value of data) to back it up. Most display campaigns are showing “lift” when working in conjunction with search campaigns and vice versa. A comprehensive digital strategy should include a media mix that works together, and search works well with display.

According to a January 2014 study of ad spending conducted by digital marketing technology company Kenshoo, Q4 2013 ended up as the biggest quarter for paid search ever worldwide. Why? Advertisers are seeing a good return on investment with paid search. Read more details and regional analysis here.


How does Broad Street Co. achieve this lift in visibility? Using SEM in your media plan captures people that have “raised their hand” and already shown interest and intent, by capturing that audience we get an opportunity to re-target with display and use our search re-targeting display to increase frequency and, in turn, gets our brand message top of mind through the duration of our campaigns. On the flip side as users see display ads the search queries increase. We see a clear correlation between the two. In DR (Direct Response) campaigns driving conversions is measured with a which came first? The exposure to search then a search query or a search query and then an exposure to display? We measure the conversion based on first exposure and find both work together to drive the ultimate conversion.

It all ties in to available data. By using ad serving technology that measures the entire campaign with all the moving parts in one dashboard, we can report on performance of each line item in a media plan. We’ve moved beyond measuring the CTR (click-thru rate) on digital campaigns to measuring ROI for the client. Whether that is widgets sold, leads delivered, videos watched or just generating brand awareness we deliver through a holistic approach to media.

Our ability to tweak each moving part of a campaign and manage search through optimization that ties back to display, we can see how search queries change over time. As search is used traditionally to find the customer at the right time in the buying cycle, we can also see how search queries increase during a campaign as we create brand lift through display.

Want more information? We love to talk campaign strategy; contact us here to see how we can make your digital campaign dollars work for you.


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