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Why You Should Join the Holiday Spirit of Digital Advertising


The sweet smells and cool breezes of fall are here, and the recent burst in native and sponsored content, as well as the display ads you’ve been seeing for clothing, electronics, food retailers, and various other products are the perfect match for the holiday season. With one of the highest converting times of the year, we at Broad Street can’t stress enough the importance of your media strategy joining this season’s holiday cheer!

According to a study conducted by online ad tech firm The Rubicon Project, 58% of the Millennials shopping online this year will make a purchase via their mobile device – while the other portion prefers desktop purchases. Combine this with Cyber Monday’s fast approach, and Stefany Zaroban’s recent Internet Retailer article highlighting the 22% of Americans that have already begun to research holiday deals as of August, “up 10 percentage points” from last year; there is no doubt that this is the best time of the year to put your brand front-and-center of each consumer’s online research experience.

Internet Retailer’s Matt Linder also discusses how ComScore and Adobe Systems, Inc. reported that shoppers spent over $3.1 billion online in 2015, up 20.5% from the $2.6 billion in sales during the 2014 Cyber Monday. This was the first time online sales have exceeded $3 billion in a single day – imagine what will happen this coming Cyber Monday – that’s a stat you’ll want to be a part of! And as major retailers such as Amazon continue to offer a diversified portfolio of product deals earlier each year, this trend continues to prove that the upcoming holiday season is the most ideal for your company’s advertising endeavors and digital growth.


At Broad Street Co. we have grounded ourselves with in-depth experience and diverse clients that range from major retailers and utilities all the way to healthcare, consumer-packaged goods and food chains. Not only are we able to help place your brand in front of each consumer at the perfect moment during the holidays, we’re able to do so in creative ways that connect with your audience through meaningful interactions.

Whether you’re trying to stick out from your competitors or telling your market who you are, Broad Street is here to bring your brand to the frontlines and show your audience what you’re all about – now all you need to do is contact us for a free consultation on your advertising holiday wish list!

Google Ads Enhanced with Maps and Images


By: Auston Roberts

With the digital terrain of advertising becoming increasingly complex and 49% of in-store purchases being influenced by digital interactions, we continue to keep finding innovative media opportunities for our clients. From buying direct or programmatic all the way to native and engaging social media placements, at Broad Street Cowe strive to help our clients find a firm stance in the digital space.

One strategy where we continue to see great results for our clients is Google AdWords and the Google Display Network, and with clients ranging from healthcare and retail locations all the way to music festivals and fast-food chains, this is a strategy we’ve found to be beneficial in a variety of ways. As a Google Partner Agency, we are privy to a great relationship with our Google team that helps us ensure we’re delivering the best plan and measurable results for our clients.

Traditionally, we’ve been able to implement Google AdWords – the “Search Giant” – and the Display Network as a means to provide convenience to our target audiences, and visibility to our clients and brands. Furthermore, these ads have always been your traditional text-based promotions, highlighting brands that can help you on your consumer journey. But as of yesterday’s Internet Retailer article by Zak Stambor – an expert as it relates to social commerce – Google will now be providing Maps and Photo Data to these ads!

Not only is this change beneficial in increasing the quality of all Search and Display tactics, it also provides even more convenience to each and every consumer. In a world of functionality, these ads will further benefit our target audience by allowing them to leverage info across Google Maps. Additionally, the addition of photo data is the perfect way for us to entertain our audience with relevant images, while also providing even more value to our client’s overall brand story. Google continues to evolve their product offerings and as we evaluate their place in the media mix, we believe every opportunity to drive engagement (through maps) and visual storytelling (through display) can help our DR clients be a step ahead of their competitors.

Whether you are a local business trying to drive new business or a global brand, what shows up when your audience searches for you?

For a free consultation and evaluation of your advertising needs, contact us!


Broad Street Co is a Google Partner Agency

Broad Street Co is a Google Partner Agency

Broad Street to join Charleston Digital Corridor for Digital Marketing Seminar

The Charleston Digital Corridor presents a monthly seminar for their member companies and the business community in Charleston and we’re pleased to join Blue Acorn for the June event on Digital Marketing and eCommerce.

As the adoption rate of new technologies soars exponentially, consumers are offered a multitude of platforms to share and consume information. With such transformation in media consum

ption habits, new technology and market segmentation, companies should evaluate their marketing strategies in light of this evolution of consumer behavior. At the June Fridays @ the Corridor, Charlie Ray of Broad Street Interactive and Scott Buck of Blue Acorn will share some of the new trends in Digital Marketing, as well as what your company should be doing to stay relevant in the fast-paced world of digital marketing.

This one hour presentation, held at the Flagship on June 15, 2012, begins promptly at 8:30am. Parking is located at the Gaillard garage on Alexander Street. Please contact Amy Lawrence if interested in attending this event.

This interactive forum is meant to engage and inform Charleston’s knowledge-based community.  Attendance is limited to 25 guests, with priority seating for Digital Corridor members.  The non-member fee is $20.

Hope to see you there!

Charleston, My Charleston!

Broad Street Interactive has its beginnings in the beautiful city of Charleston. In 2007, when we started our agency we knew right away choosing a name would not be hard to do…we wanted to honor our roots and the city our CEO, Charlie Ray, loves so much he never shuts up about the place.  It was with sadness that we closed our Charleston office at the end of 2009 and our goal has been to return to the Holy City ever since. This summer we are excited to announce a tentative step back into the warm embrace of Charleston.

We are the newest members of the Charleston Digital Corridor and will office in their building beginning June 5. We are eager to join the great member companies and bring our experience in digital advertising to Charleston. These companies have specific needs that are addressed by the Digital Corridor, an initiative to attract, nurture and promote Charleston’s entrepreneurial community.

Don’t fret, Austin, we still love the Live Music Capital of the World and we’ll be here for a very long time.



Adventures in hyperlocal advertising

Online advertising news sites are buzzing about “tapping into the hyperlocal market – like in Fast Company’s recent article, “Can Anyone Tap Into the $100 Billion Potential of Hyperlocal News?” Broad Street Interactive has been doing it since 2007, and here’s how and why:

As this article in Media Transparent states, “National advertisers ignore the hyperlocal markets because they are too sales labor intensive in their focus on mom & pop SMEs.” Exactly. Agencies like ours, while we include national sites, CPC, and other types of engagement in our campaigns, began with a hyperlocal focus. Our network of sites for CPM campaigns was built on hyperlocal engagement.

We believe in relationships with hyperlocal publishers and web sites, have built those relationships over the past few years, and manage them intensively. We have a network of publishers exceeding 2,700 on the hyperlocal level. These publishers are the players in their local communities and are trusted sources of local information. It’s these relationships that allow  us to buy premium inventory on these web sites and obtain high visibility and good results – without having to resort to buying “remnant” or large “ad network” inventory to fulfill our clients’ campaign goals.

Because local online advertising has grown on average 45% a year in the last five years, big media companies are finally catching on and setting up “local” shops and hoping to win advertising dollars, according to iMedia Connection. We certainly don’t overlook “local” sites owned by large online publishers, but we find we get better results by going directly to trusted media outlets in local markets to get exactly what out client is looking for and what we’ve spent the past few years building: Local engagement.

Broad Street Interactive has run successful campaigns on the hyperlocal level not just based on small DMAs in the marketplace, but also based on congressional district, zip codes outside of large cities, and small community newspapers and networks. Because we have strong publisher relationships and a large network of more than 2,700 hyperlocal sites to choose from, we’re also able to optimize campaigns and be nimble when managing online campaigns.

Want more information on how you can maximize your online spending through hyperlocal advertising? Contact us here!

Go Red for the AIDS Walk Austin

Broad Street Interactive is proud to announce our support of Austin’s 23rd Annual AIDS Walk. This year’s walk is October 17 and you can sign up to create a team here or donate directly to the cause here.

Broad Street Interactive has turned our blog “Red” for the remaining days until the walk. We have donated creative services for the online ads and donated ad space on our site as well as providing nearly 1 million online ad impressions on various media web sites in Austin through October 17 to help raise money for this worthy cause.

Would you like to turn your site red? Join us in our effort and We have multiple ad sizes and can get these ads running on your site right away. If you are an Austin web site and would like to help out the 23rd Annual AIDS Walk Austin by spreading awareness and generating support for this cause, you can get started by emailing us at mediaATbroadstreetinteractiveDOTcom or calling us at 512.275.6227 to obtain the code package to insert into your site.

Go ahead, turn your site red for a good cause!

Miss America will join us in Austin for the walk. Find out why she walks and why you should, too.

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Ad Networks Aren’t Dying…

Broad Street Interactive’s full transparency and premium placement are two examples of why not.


We’re always hesitant to describe what we do at Broad Street Interactive as an “ad network” for many of the reasons cited in this article. Broad Street Interactive is a different animal and it shows in the results we get for our clients. We’ve been ahead of the ad network game since the company was founded, focusing on partnerships and results rather than simply providing impressions or clicks for our clients. We offer hyper-local targeting, marketing, and reports for our clients that analyze each campaign’s results down to the last impression so that we can share information with our clients, such as which ad size was the most successful, which targeted market garnered the most impressions or clicks, and fully transparent reporting.


There are all kinds of ad networks—and Broad Street Interactive strives to be the best of the best by using our relationships with publishers and web sites to leverage the best results for our clients’ goals.

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Digital local advertising to grow in 2010

Spending on digital media for local advertising will grow about 19 percent through 2014 and will be 25 percent of total local advertising, while money spent on traditional ads will continue to decline, according to new research from BIA/Kelsey. This “steady shift toward digital media” will see online/interactive media expenditure, at about $15 billion last year, reach nearly $37 billion four years from now, the study said.

What this means for our traditional media outlets dependent on print advertising revenue: Those who already have an online presence should ensure their sites are (a) advertising/code friendly, (b) inventory ready, and (c) maintaining or increasing user traffic/impressions. Traditional media outlets can make up for a loss in print advertising revenues with online revenue, but they must be able to accept ad codes and have the inventory and traffic (and an online media kit). It’s a new world out there and with an increasing number of people getting their news and information online, advertisers are heading straight for the web.

At Broad Street Interactive, we are strong advocates for local online publishers. We represent a network of over 2,000 local news content publishers and bring them together with advertisers trying to reach the important local audience. We are certainly “bullish” on the growth of online advertising budgets in the local space. If your brand is trying to reach the local audience, nationwide contact us for a proposal. We will show you how local can work for your brand.

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Hyper-local network continues to grow

We continue to see great results using our hyper-local ad distribution channel. Just this week, we’ve added over 150 new sites and 100 new cities to our network.

When our clients tell us they want to “go local” we know how to deliver. If you are an advertiser seeking penetration into local markets and brand lift in local communities, ask us how to deliver. We are negotiating above the fold, premium ad placements at CPMs that are competitive and fair for both the advertiser and the publisher.

Here’s out latest Coverage Map. See a geographic area where you have customers?

Shift_Happens. Embrace Change.

One of my favorite presentations about emerging technology and the rapid rate of change it creates in business and our world was recently updated and set to music. It’s a compelling story that I use to open the conversation about what it all means and how is your business embracing the change while at the same time sifting through the clutter to make sound business decisions.

Just because it’s flashy and new, doesn’t mean it will generate ROI for your business. For all of the change and fast pace of new media, sound business decisions and strong business acumen are at the root of successful companies.

That being said, watch the show.