This Holiday’s Digital Trend: The Who, What and When of Online Advertising

Halloween has passed and November is finally here, the biggest shopping month of the entire year! holiday-shopping-online_117998926_1500pxWhile it may not seem to be getting colder here in Austin, and the leaves might be refusing to change their colors, that doesn’t change the fact that 45% of holiday shoppers will have most of their shopping done by Black Friday – and the largest majority done on Cyber Monday via online devices. So, ‘tis the season to get your brand in front of your customers before they have cleared their carts.

Starting to consider the importance of advertising online this Holiday, need an agency to help you out? The best first step is to discover WHO you want to talk to. According to Stefany Zaroban at, Millennial Men are the most likely to shop on their mobile device. Furthermore, 72% of Millennials say they will shop online this year and even if they aren’t making the final purchase online, 92% of them said that they will either shop or fulfill all of their research online. This trend goes to show that while the majority of consumers are beginning to make purchases online, the leftover consumers who are just researching will still be driven to your location via the ads they see – whether it be Search, Native, Social or Display tactics.

Another group of consumers, Parents, are projected to spend an average of $1,711 on shopping this year – a 23.7% increase from 2015. Over 90% of this Parent audience also said that they would either be shopping or researching purchases via online search engines and sites.

Broad Street Co. has helped a variety of retail clients drive holiday sales, and we know that creating a campaign during this time of year is bound to increase visibility towards your product – while driving sales and other successes based on your brand’s objective. So, if your brand wants to get in on the $884.50 billion in total holiday retail sales predicted for 2016, contact us and see where we can start!

Let us help you reach the right person, at the right time, with the right message.

By: Jack Turner, Media Intern


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Searching for ways to drive sales on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is fast approaching and while most retailers have long since laid out their holiday media schedule, many small and local retailers may be wondering how they can grab a piece of the $3 Billion in online spend on the most beautiful day for retailers. shop-local
Online shopping doesn’t just have to be for the big box stores and major retailers. Local businesses can take advantage of the growth in online shopping with a clear advantage…local consumers looking for local deals. Last year, 27.6 % of online sales came from mobile last holiday season. That’s up from 25% in 2014.  Online shopping is affecting in store traffic even during the holidays. According to data from analytics firm RetailNext, in store traffic was down 1.5% last year and average spending per consumer is down 1.4%.  Conversely, the average ticket on mobile sales is up to $102.
How can local businesses attract some of this spend over the holiday shopping period that is moving online? Well, here are a few ideas:

Paid Search Advertising

Online searches soar leading up to Cyber Monday. Take advantage of this with a paid search campaign using keywords that we know shoppers are using to find deals. You don’t  have to run a long lasting search campaign, but a burst of  spend in the week or two before and after Thanksgiving can get you  top of mind for shoppers. Last year searches with the term “cyber monday” rose to over  7 million per month in November and December.

  • Cyber Monday, Deals, Coupons, Black Friday, Sale/Sales, Delivery (Pro tip: Since you’re local, offer in-store pickup for online orders or offer delivery service to local customers for free!)
  • Offer special coupons to drive people to your  location or allow people to call and place an order over the phone if you don’t have an order online option
  • Use new search enhancements like images in your search ads and mobile click-to-call campaigns. Add map features for people to locate you easily.
  • Create a very easy landing page on your site with print at home coupon options

Local businesses that  want to drive customers to the store don’t have to be left out of the online shopping juggernaut this season. With a few of these suggestions, shopping local can mean online experience in a neighborhood way.
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Why You Should Join the Holiday Spirit of Digital Advertising


The sweet smells and cool breezes of fall are here, and the recent burst in native and sponsored content, as well as the display ads you’ve been seeing for clothing, electronics, food retailers, and various other products are the perfect match for the holiday season. With one of the highest converting times of the year, we at Broad Street can’t stress enough the importance of your media strategy joining this season’s holiday cheer!

According to a study conducted by online ad tech firm The Rubicon Project, 58% of the Millennials shopping online this year will make a purchase via their mobile device – while the other portion prefers desktop purchases. Combine this with Cyber Monday’s fast approach, and Stefany Zaroban’s recent Internet Retailer article highlighting the 22% of Americans that have already begun to research holiday deals as of August, “up 10 percentage points” from last year; there is no doubt that this is the best time of the year to put your brand front-and-center of each consumer’s online research experience.

Internet Retailer’s Matt Linder also discusses how ComScore and Adobe Systems, Inc. reported that shoppers spent over $3.1 billion online in 2015, up 20.5% from the $2.6 billion in sales during the 2014 Cyber Monday. This was the first time online sales have exceeded $3 billion in a single day – imagine what will happen this coming Cyber Monday – that’s a stat you’ll want to be a part of! And as major retailers such as Amazon continue to offer a diversified portfolio of product deals earlier each year, this trend continues to prove that the upcoming holiday season is the most ideal for your company’s advertising endeavors and digital growth.


At Broad Street Co. we have grounded ourselves with in-depth experience and diverse clients that range from major retailers and utilities all the way to healthcare, consumer-packaged goods and food chains. Not only are we able to help place your brand in front of each consumer at the perfect moment during the holidays, we’re able to do so in creative ways that connect with your audience through meaningful interactions.

Whether you’re trying to stick out from your competitors or telling your market who you are, Broad Street is here to bring your brand to the frontlines and show your audience what you’re all about – now all you need to do is contact us for a free consultation on your advertising holiday wish list!

3D Printing

We asked a friend to print our logo in 3D and the result is pretty cool. We think there are plenty of great uses for 3D printing and making a logo for my desk seems as good a reason as any!

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New digs!

We’re moving into new office space on Monday to accommodate our continued growth and future expansion plans for this year. Our new offices continued our long time presence in Central Austin. We’ll be at the corner of 29th and San Gabriel and we look forward to greeting our clients in a beautiful new conference room and fully stocked kitchen. Our mailing and billing address will remain the same and we will maintain our Charleston Office location as well.

Check out the building, the third floor balcony on the top left is us!


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When the trust is gone, it’s time to fire your agency

I am honored to be an advisory board member for the iMedia Agency Summits and I’m known for my honest answers to tough questions. This December when I said, “it’s time to fire your agency,” Bethany Simpson let out a “wow” and that’s where we started an honest conversation about when a client is working with a vendor directly what that means to the agency-client relationship.

You can read the interview here and watch a clip below.

Trust is key in any good relationship. When an agency and brand have worked together for years, it might be hard for them to look at their partnership objectively. Ask yourself this; do you trust your agency? Do you trust them to accomplish your goals, meet deadlines, or provide you accurate (and real) results? If the answer is no, then you need to find a new partnership.

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