The sweet smells and cool breezes of fall are here, and the recent burst in native and sponsored content, as well as the display ads you’ve been seeing for clothing, electronics, food retailers, and various other products are the perfect match for the holiday season. With one of the highest converting times of the year, we at Broad Street can’t stress enough the importance of your media strategy joining this season’s holiday cheer!

According to a study conducted by online ad tech firm The Rubicon Project, 58% of the Millennials shopping online this year will make a purchase via their mobile device – while the other portion prefers desktop purchases. Combine this with Cyber Monday’s fast approach, and Stefany Zaroban’s recent Internet Retailer article highlighting the 22% of Americans that have already begun to research holiday deals as of August, “up 10 percentage points” from last year; there is no doubt that this is the best time of the year to put your brand front-and-center of each consumer’s online research experience.

Internet Retailer’s Matt Linder also discusses how ComScore and Adobe Systems, Inc. reported that shoppers spent over $3.1 billion online in 2015, up 20.5% from the $2.6 billion in sales during the 2014 Cyber Monday. This was the first time online sales have exceeded $3 billion in a single day – imagine what will happen this coming Cyber Monday – that’s a stat you’ll want to be a part of! And as major retailers such as Amazon continue to offer a diversified portfolio of product deals earlier each year, this trend continues to prove that the upcoming holiday season is the most ideal for your company’s advertising endeavors and digital growth.


At Broad Street Co. we have grounded ourselves with in-depth experience and diverse clients that range from major retailers and utilities all the way to healthcare, consumer-packaged goods and food chains. Not only are we able to help place your brand in front of each consumer at the perfect moment during the holidays, we’re able to do so in creative ways that connect with your audience through meaningful interactions.

Whether you’re trying to stick out from your competitors or telling your market who you are, Broad Street is here to bring your brand to the frontlines and show your audience what you’re all about – now all you need to do is contact us for a free consultation on your advertising holiday wish list!