Halloween has passed and November is finally here, the biggest shopping month of the entire year! holiday-shopping-online_117998926_1500pxWhile it may not seem to be getting colder here in Austin, and the leaves might be refusing to change their colors, that doesn’t change the fact that 45% of holiday shoppers will have most of their shopping done by Black Friday – and the largest majority done on Cyber Monday via online devices. So, ‘tis the season to get your brand in front of your customers before they have cleared their carts.

Starting to consider the importance of advertising online this Holiday, need an agency to help you out? The best first step is to discover WHO you want to talk to. According to Stefany Zaroban at internetretailer.com, Millennial Men are the most likely to shop on their mobile device. Furthermore, 72% of Millennials say they will shop online this year and even if they aren’t making the final purchase online, 92% of them said that they will either shop or fulfill all of their research online. This trend goes to show that while the majority of consumers are beginning to make purchases online, the leftover consumers who are just researching will still be driven to your location via the ads they see – whether it be Search, Native, Social or Display tactics.

Another group of consumers, Parents, are projected to spend an average of $1,711 on shopping this year – a 23.7% increase from 2015. Over 90% of this Parent audience also said that they would either be shopping or researching purchases via online search engines and sites.

Broad Street Co. has helped a variety of retail clients drive holiday sales, and we know that creating a campaign during this time of year is bound to increase visibility towards your product – while driving sales and other successes based on your brand’s objective. So, if your brand wants to get in on the $884.50 billion in total holiday retail sales predicted for 2016, contact us and see where we can start!

Let us help you reach the right person, at the right time, with the right message.

By: Jack Turner, Media Intern