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We created a mobile app for our clients and prospective new clients to send us requests for media proposals. As a digital agency, we embrace mobile trends and understand that we cannot always dictate how people want to communicate with us. We decided to make it easy with a simple app to submit a request for a media plan.

Check it out (available in the Google Play store) and send us a request for your next campaign. broadstrapp

We’re the first digital agency that will tell our clients they don’t need an app, but we wanted to show just how easy it can be to create a useful tool that embraces mobile.


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3D Printing

We asked a friend to print our logo in 3D and the result is pretty cool. We think there are plenty of great uses for 3D printing and making a logo for my desk seems as good a reason as any!

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New digs!

We’re moving into new office space on Monday to accommodate our continued growth and future expansion plans for this year. Our new offices continued our long time presence in Central Austin. We’ll be at the corner of 29th and San Gabriel and we look forward to greeting our clients in a beautiful new conference room and fully stocked kitchen. Our mailing and billing address will remain the same and we will maintain our Charleston Office location as well.

Check out the building, the third floor balcony on the top left is us!


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Broad Street Co is now a Google Partner Agency

Broad Street Co Google Partner Badge

AUSTIN, TX/CHARLESTON, SC — Broad Street Co. is proud to announce its achievement of becoming a Certified Google Partner. Being Google Certified is not new for Broad Street, but in October of 2013 Google introduced its new Partner Program. The new Google Partners Program eliminates the certification program and instead offers agencies an opportunity to assure their clients they are working with a trusted Google Partner.

Broad Street invests in our employees to learn the skills required to launch and manage complicated digital campaigns, including search and we are proud to earn this badge. “We have had a close relationship with Google for many years, and this recognition of our expertise and abilities as a trusted search provider for our clients is just another example of our commitment to service,” said Charlie Ray, Broad Street Co. president.

The Google Partners program identifies trusted and reliable digital marketing companies that excel with Google products. To become a Google Partner, online marketing agencies must have a proven track record of delivering results for their clients, employ Google Adwords-certified online marketers and stay current on Google’s best practices, tools and products.

“The Google Partners Badge is a testament to our hard work on our client’s behalf and we look forward to working on our next campaign,” Ray said.

If you are looking for a digital agency for your company, contact us!

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 About Broad Street Co.

Since 2007, Broad Street Co. with offices in Austin, Texas and Charleston, South Carolina has been helping clients with digital strategy and media. We’ve executed award-winning campaigns for national, regional and local clients across industry type. Broad Street Co. was founded by Charlie D. Ray who, with over 15 years experience as a marketing executive on both the client side and publisher side, brings his considerable strategic skills to media execution. Broad Street Co. is an advisory board member of iMedia and a Google Partner Agency

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Broad Street Facilitates Google Grant for Polari: Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival’s 27th Year

Broad Street Co. has facilitated  an in-kind grant from Google for Nonprofits for Austin’s Polari Film Festival.

The Polari Film Fest has been awarded an in-kind grant for paid search advertising in the amount of $10,000 per month. Broad Street Co. will manage the campaign for 2014, with a total of $120,000 in funding and potential for additional funding beyond 2014. The agency will waive their commission to support the organization through part of their community support program. Non-Profit Organizations may submit requests to the agency to be a part of this program every year in January.

Polari Fest, formally known as the Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival (aGLIFF), supports the LGBT community and increases awareness of LGBT issues through the medium of cinema. This grant will be used to promote Polari’s many programs throughout the year, such as the Queer Youth Media Project, My Queer Movie, Filmmaker Assistance Program, Community Partnership Program, the Polari Family Screening Program and, of course, the culminating event of the annual Polari Film Festival Program.

Polari Executive Director Aaron Yeats said that “Google’s AdWords grant support of Polari and aGLIFF is an amazing recognition of our organization and our support of our ally communities. In our 27-year history, this is an unparalleled gift that provides us with the opportunity to further our mission of enlightening, educating, and entertaining the community with programs that enrich and develop awareness of the LGBTQIA community.”

Broad Street Co.’s President, Charlie Ray, is a board member for the Polari: Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival and is a supporter of the cultural arts in both Austin and Charleston. “We are pleased to help AGLIFF in its 27th year continue their leadership in the LGBTQIA arts and film community,” said Ray. “We hope this grant will continue to grow Polari’s visibility in the community and support LGBTQIA filmmakers right here at home in Austin.”


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Display campaigns + paid search = “lift”

We have evangelized about diversity in online campaigns for years now, but it’s nice to have data (and we have talked before about the value of data) to back it up. Most display campaigns are showing “lift” when working in conjunction with search campaigns and vice versa. A comprehensive digital strategy should include a media mix that works together, and search works well with display.

According to a January 2014 study of ad spending conducted by digital marketing technology company Kenshoo, Q4 2013 ended up as the biggest quarter for paid search ever worldwide. Why? Advertisers are seeing a good return on investment with paid search. Read more details and regional analysis here.


How does Broad Street Co. achieve this lift in visibility? Using SEM in your media plan captures people that have “raised their hand” and already shown interest and intent, by capturing that audience we get an opportunity to re-target with display and use our search re-targeting display to increase frequency and, in turn, gets our brand message top of mind through the duration of our campaigns. On the flip side as users see display ads the search queries increase. We see a clear correlation between the two. In DR (Direct Response) campaigns driving conversions is measured with a which came first? The exposure to search then a search query or a search query and then an exposure to display? We measure the conversion based on first exposure and find both work together to drive the ultimate conversion.

It all ties in to available data. By using ad serving technology that measures the entire campaign with all the moving parts in one dashboard, we can report on performance of each line item in a media plan. We’ve moved beyond measuring the CTR (click-thru rate) on digital campaigns to measuring ROI for the client. Whether that is widgets sold, leads delivered, videos watched or just generating brand awareness we deliver through a holistic approach to media.

Our ability to tweak each moving part of a campaign and manage search through optimization that ties back to display, we can see how search queries change over time. As search is used traditionally to find the customer at the right time in the buying cycle, we can also see how search queries increase during a campaign as we create brand lift through display.

Want more information? We love to talk campaign strategy; contact us here to see how we can make your digital campaign dollars work for you.


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Broad Street Co. Facilitates In-Kind Grant from Google for Nonprofits for CACTX

CACTXAUSTIN, TX/CHARLESTON, SC — Broad Street Co. has partnered with Lynne Henderlong-Rhea at MomBo Creative for help with their client, Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas (CACTX) on its 2014 campaign One With Courage (, which promotes awareness of child abuse in the state of Texas and provides information on how to identify the signs of child abuse, how to take action, and where to find a children’s advocacy center (CAC).

CACTX has been awarded an in-kind grant for paid search advertising in the amount of $10,000 per month. Broad Street Co. will manage the campaign for 2014, with a total of $120,000 in funding and potential for additional funding beyond 2014.

“MomBo Creative is excited to partner with Broad Street Co. on this statewide campaign for CACTX,” says Lynne Henderlong-Rhea. “We look for partnerships with the smartest and brightest partners, offering cutting-edge, results-driven marketing to deliver the best performance for their clients’ online campaigns.” MomBo is developing creative strategic assets for this campaign.

Joy Rauls, Executive Director of CACTX says that the Google grant “allows Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas the ability to reach new audiences with the importance of recognizing the signs and symptoms of child abuse, by having more exposure on the internet through Paid Search Marketing. This opportunity would not be possible on a nonprofit budget.”

Said Broad Street Co’s President and CEO, Charlie Ray, “because of our long-standing relationship with Google, we were able to facilitate a partnership between CACTX and Google for Nonprofits. It was our pleasure to lend our expertise in getting funding for such a good cause.” Adds Ray, “since its inception, Broad Street Co. has worked extensively with advocacy and nonprofit clients for causes that promote positive change in our communities.”

Broad Street Co. was founded by Ray in 2007 and has worked with clients (large and small) on a variety of innovative ad campaigns (large and small), from standard online placement campaigns to highly complex video and mobile ad campaigns.

 Download our Press Release

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When the trust is gone, it’s time to fire your agency

I am honored to be an advisory board member for the iMedia Agency Summits and I’m known for my honest answers to tough questions. This December when I said, “it’s time to fire your agency,” Bethany Simpson let out a “wow” and that’s where we started an honest conversation about when a client is working with a vendor directly what that means to the agency-client relationship.

You can read the interview here and watch a clip below.

Trust is key in any good relationship. When an agency and brand have worked together for years, it might be hard for them to look at their partnership objectively. Ask yourself this; do you trust your agency? Do you trust them to accomplish your goals, meet deadlines, or provide you accurate (and real) results? If the answer is no, then you need to find a new partnership.

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It’s Raining (Big) Data

How do you measure the success of your marketing campaigns? One of our favorite presentations at last month’s iMedia Summit was “From Big Data to Smart Data,” a.k.a., “data is the new black.” In digital advertising metrics, data is everything. Ten years ago, campaign metrics revolved around click-through rates (CTRs), open rates, and views. Today’s measure of success is much more complicated and the golden ticket involves multiple KPIs (key performance indicators).

How Big Data took the "creative" out of Advertising.

In online marketing, a campaign that has high CTRs and open rates can be considered successful, but if data collection isn’t a factor, it can also be considered a missed opportunity. What’s most valuable for marketers today is the information gathered throughout a campaign’s performance: Who is clicking, what prompts specific actions, where are your highest performing ads targeted, and at what point the consumer performs the call to action for your campaign. Also: What devices are your consumers using (understanding mobile ad performance is a KPI that can help you as a marketer modify or adjust your campaign based on mobile versus standard digital), which ad is garnering the most response (A/B testing), and which ads prompt the end consumer to voluntarily offer information (registration and sign up forms can help build a valuable database of consumers for future campaigns).

If you’ve scanned any technology news lately, you may have heard that consumers have some hesitation and mistrust of what used to be called “data mining.” It’s feels a little “Big Brother” to have marketers tracking clicks and targeting ads based on cookies and search history, but consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with these practices, therefore more willing to give up more information so they are “served” ads that are relevant to their interests. And here is where we come in.

When planning campaigns, we work with groups of marketers who have very specific goals (CTR, open rates, visibility, branding). We always encourage our clients to dig a little deeper for more information. We help our clients understand the monetary value of KPI metrics, including MQL to SQL, customer acquisition and cost-per, measurement of the purchase cycle and consumer behavior, and data gathering. Want more information? We love to talk metrics and data; contact us here to see how we can make your digital campaign data work for you.

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iMedia Agency Summit 2013

The annual iMedia Agency Summit is a great event that we look forward to every year. The best and brightest in the digital agency business, vendors and executives convene twice a year to discuss the industry and where we are and where we are going. Our president, Charlie Ray, joined the advisory board this year as an industry leader to help craft the agenda for this event.

As you can see, he really enjoyed the Weatherbug sponsored dinner!

This year’s summit focused on big data and the shift to programmatic buying as well as looking at how these evolutions in the digital space are shaking up the traditional AOR status quo.


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